Your Trusted 24 Hour Orthopedic Care Provider

Our OrthoExpress walk-in centers for urgent, emergent orthopedic injuries are open and here for you!

We have also extended our hours in our Poughkeepsie OrthoExpress location which will now open Monday-Thursday at 7:30 AM!
(Friday still opening at 8:30 am)

Our walk-ins are perfect for the following:
Broken Bones / Fractures ✔️
Muscle / Tendon Strains ✔️
Ligament / Joint Sprains ✔️
Torn Biceps, Triceps, or Quadriceps ✔️
Hamstring Injury ✔️
Non-Weight Bearing Injuries ✔️
Wrist/Forearm Injuries w/ Inability to Roll Arm Without Pain ✔️

We also have state-of-the-art imaging services and casting and bracing services on site!

If you are not experiencing flu-like symptoms and have a non-life-threatening orthopedic injury, please do not go to the hospital.

Instead, we encourage you to visit one of our convenient OrthoExpress walk-in centers.
For more information about OrthoExpress please visit

Thank you and stay safe!